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Dr. Austin Prabhu, Nantur/Chicago
25/07/2022 23:40:15

Another mind-blowing article by Philip Mudartha. His intelligence is shown in this analyzed article. He can give the real facts and convince the readers of the truth behind politics. Thank you Sir!

Vicky, Udupi
18/07/2022 21:59:44

Obama or Manmohan Singh had nothing to do with the recovery. Since you mentioned prosperity, most of the recession based wealth went to those who created the problem in the first place. Since we live in a world where only 2% of the money is real, there is too much that holds the show together.

10/07/2022 07:38:17

May his soul rest in peace.

Roji Mathew, Qatar
08/07/2022 09:25:31

The same kind of situation aroused during 2008 which led by the US subprime issue and collapse of layman brothers.But at that time Mr Maohan Singh and Barak Obama could jointly solved the issue and made the world more prosperous.Unfortunately now we don t have such a leadership to sort out this tactically.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
16/06/2022 10:40:53

Good information on Quad. China is very powerful in most fronts and except Rajiv Gandhi no other political outfit could forge good relation and India can not afford to thwart aggression. Most (third world? )countries in the world depend on Chinese cheap products and infrastructure due to their supremacy in the field and their lucrative loan that eventually may destroy them. US is getting mild under current leadership. Hope Quad become a reckoning force in future years.

Janardhanan kp, Qatar
04/06/2022 16:26:50

Good article.
Four democracies joined together to form "QUAD". It is a responsible act by the heads of these countries under the new world order and prevailing world political scenario. Its relevance is more now after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. All these four countries have a higher stake in maintaining peace and stability in this region. And yes, it is right to term it as anti-China block or Asian NATO.

Vion Mendonca, Kodangala.moodubelle
02/06/2022 14:32:28

May his soul rest in peace.

Clarence, Mangalore/ qatar
31/05/2022 17:25:04

Very interesting article Philip. You have given a clear analysis of Quad nations and their intention . I too agree all these things are happening with the initiative of USA.
Thanks for sharing all your views. Keep writing

Dr Gerald Pinto, Kallianpur
31/05/2022 16:31:20

Event nicely covered. Thank you

Lavina Mendonca, Pangla
30/05/2022 20:38:23

Heartfelt condolences to all our family members. We pray for eternal rest to be granted to our beloved Bappu s soul.

30/05/2022 10:50:50

Heartfelt condolences to all the members of the family. May his soul rest in peace. Having done rich contributions to Konkani he was a simple and wonderful person no doubt. Although Konkani has lost our beloved CGS taccode, I am sure he has inspired many in the Konkani world.

Douglas dsouza, Mumbai/shirva
30/05/2022 08:18:05

Heartfelt condolences to the family members. May his soul rest in peace.

Faustine correia, Shirva (ex)Bahrain Ghatkopar Mumbai
30/05/2022 08:09:35

Dear Vally, Henry, Ronald , Monica very sad demise of u r daddy my heartfelt condolences to you all the family members Almighty God grant the courage and strength to bear the loss of head of the family. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Faustine Correia family Ghatkopar Mumbai.

Douglas/Ida and family, Ghatkopar/Mumbai
30/05/2022 07:13:27

Please accept our heartfelt condolences to all the family members.May his soul Rest In Peace.

Michael Sequeira, Pamboor
28/05/2022 08:51:55

Very good analysis of what is happening in the political alignment in the asia-pacific region.All this is happening with the initiative of US with their principle of democracy and super-power watch dog of democracy.Definetely democracy is vibrant and better than one man rule of China and Russia.Other than political there is an economic angle to the alignments.Insightful reading Philip.Keep writing and enlighten us.

Nettikkara Aboobacker, Kerala
27/05/2022 03:15:07

As usual Philip Saab clearly elucidated the purpose and intention of Quad and it’s present status.
I feel, in this present situation and after the covid epidemic relief, why the leaders and countries are not thinking and acting for the welfare and well-being of people and countries.
Leaders should exert their efforts to unite and not to disintegrate. Mutual respect and progress of all countries and people should be the target. Let’s us hope

Dr Austin Prabhu, Chicago
26/05/2022 16:46:18

Very interesting article by our veteran writer Philip Mudhartha. Now quiet Australia joined this new Quad group with three other strong nations. No matter what these groups like Quad or Nato think or do, I don t think any one of them have the guts to fight the aggressor like what happens in Ukraine. They supply money and arms but they don t participate in the war! All are scared of nuclear missiles of nuclear nations. Even now if China decides to war with Thaiwan, they will be just like Ukraine - fighting alone! This is the land of aggressors and nuclear missiles.

Philip Mudartha, Nerul
26/05/2022 07:42:08

1. Former Finance Secretary S. C Garg has said that the true worth of LIC the shares of is less than half the issue price. His estimate is between Rs 250 to Rs 450.
2. The contrarian leftist view by V. Shridhar is that the LIC share price should be between Rs. 2,133 and Rs. 2,559. If the current value of the vast real estate assets of LIC were assessed at market prices, the share price should be even higher. LIC IPO is India’s biggest-ever privatization scandal.
3. The lowest stock market price of LIC scrip do far was Rs 803.65. The stock is in a bearish trend. Market pundits predict it to stabilize at around Rs 800.
4. Market is not God, according to those opposed to the privatization of LIC.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
17/05/2022 16:33:35

Philip has opened up more than thousand years history and hierarchy among ROC, UOC and the the fabric runs around it. Probably discontent brew since Ukraine independence during 1991. True, Putin is a tough character and for the benefit Patriarch Krill supports him. Putin does not respect pope since he is against war. Matter of Easter Ukraine / Crimean has turned into loss of human and property on both sides. This war has adverse effect on world economy and airline, gas / Fuel business and price too. Nato can not do much as usual except occasional press release!. Hope peace prevails at earliest though no solution can be seen at the moment since the situation among both is highly complicated.

Philip Mudartha, Nerul
17/05/2022 15:31:36

LIC shares listed today and traded at discount, closing on NSE at Rs 873.
Only 40% were on delivery basis, rest 60% intra-day speculative traders.
Expected further decline in coming days

Philip Mudartha, Nerul
14/05/2022 19:28:46

To link the war to Jews is preposterous. In fact, it is a war linked more to the tensions between the two factions of Orthodox Church in the two countries emerging from now extinct Soviet Union

14/05/2022 13:45:29

Most of the cooperative banks are stuck with scams of high level of funds and now money can not be withdrawn . People need to be careful. Even MCS Bank was in news recently in Mangalore.

satta India, India
14/05/2022 11:28:36

I’ve read a few excellent stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting.

I surprise how a lot effort you place to make this sort of excellent informative

Clarence, Mangalore
13/05/2022 22:31:00

Nice and informative article. Thanks for sharing your views .

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
13/05/2022 09:42:01

Loads of information. My opinion is, LIC investment is a big benefit in case of unfortunate loss of life. I have experience on educational policies..., hardly any returns compared to the payments made. Political control over LIC is not a good development. LIC made huge profits over decades, hope there is transparency. I am not fully confident if this investment opportunity is a fortune. Thanks to Philip for the detailed info on origin and health facts of this entity.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi/India
11/05/2022 06:45:33

very good information. congratulations Mr Martis. You Made Belle richer by your achievements, in history and science. May god bless you with more and more laurells.congratulations Good Luck

Benedict Noronha, Udupi India
11/05/2022 06:38:49

This is a very good news for Indians. if she wins and represents Indians in Australia, Indians will have lots of social advantages and for the future Indians will have a representative in the government to speak for the Indians. I wisdh her good luck and success.

Dr Austin Prabhu, Chicago
04/05/2022 16:19:04

Good informative article Sir Philip Mudhartha. Thanks for this information.

Roji Mathew, Pathanamthitta
04/05/2022 12:39:55

Sir,like many doomsday assumptions and predictions, do u see any link with Jews with this war as zielinski is a jew by faith...

Roji Mathew, Pathanamthitta
04/05/2022 12:36:12

Sir,it seems.that LIC will not give massive return in short term, but a slow and steady growth can expect...Nice and informativ article...

A T Mathai, Pathanamthitta, Kerala
22/04/2022 07:55:32

Very informative

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
14/04/2022 17:51:48

Holy Week. Thanks to Dr Eugene for real time report. That’s our parish full of devotion.

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Alice Aranha, Bandra
19/03/2022 13:35:44

Dear Carmin and all Family members, Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of Casmir Fernandes. May the almighty give you strength to bear the loss of your dear Husband/Father. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Cynthia, Shirva/ Bahrain
18/03/2022 20:07:12

Condolences Baoji/ Margaret, Mazel, Bai, Mai, Baba/ Oni, Danita, Jedan and Fernandes family. May his soul Rest In Peace.
Patric, Cynthia, Nikita and Nicole.

Taufiq Ansari, Mumbai
15/03/2022 11:12:29

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John Peter Fernandes, Nottingham UK
13/03/2022 14:59:12

Congratulations Louis Lavina. Wish you all the best for the new venture. God bless you both.

Veronica Alick, Delhi/Moodubelle
05/03/2022 17:55:35

Congratulations to all the winners and their Teachers. It was the efforts from both side that helped them to achieve the best goals. Let more and more children come up with the excellent record and let our Institute shine forever...Veronica

01/03/2022 12:25:04

May her soul rest in peace.

magdaline lobo, usa
23/02/2022 11:36:27

please accept our heartfelt condolence s to all family members, may his soul rest in peace

Arun, Manglore-Muscat
22/02/2022 07:54:57

Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your loved one-Arun n Fly

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
21/02/2022 20:53:33

Heartfelt condolences to all family members. May his soul rest in peace.

Fr. Claude Saldanha O.P., Canada
21/02/2022 20:06:35

I was the Associate Rector of St. Charles Major Seminary, Nagpur, India. Fr. Edwin was a Seminarian when I was there till 1967. The Bishops of Nagpur and Amravati Dioceses were M.S.F.S., missionaries of St. Francis de Sales. Did I made a mistake?

Lorna and Tony D’Souza, Toronto
21/02/2022 14:43:35

Fr.Edwin D’Souza was very kind and compassionate. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Ronald Dsouza, Nalkubidi-Moodubelle /Dubai
21/02/2022 14:37:30

Our deepest heartfelt condolences to the Dsouza family. May his soul rest in peace.
Ronald Ligory Dsouza and family.

Mary Grace Suarez, Milton, Ontario
21/02/2022 08:38:03

Rest In Peace Father Ed. He was like family to us. He witnessed Claire I grow up from altar servers to young women.

Thank you for bringing warmth into the Sts. Martha Mary community during your time there. You will be missed by many.

Nelson Rodrigues, Canada
20/02/2022 23:20:52

May his soul rest in eternal peace. Fr. Edwin was known to me while I schooled and stayed in SFS Aurangabad. I was very fortunate to have him grace our 25th silver wedding in Mississauga, Canada. Miss you Fr. Edwin.

Archbishop Emeritus Lawrence Saldanha, Toronto , Canada
20/02/2022 23:15:30

Very sorry to hear about the passing away of Fr Edwin D’Souza.I offer sincere condolences to his relatives and friends. He was a dedicated pastor who served the Church with great zeal. May he reap the rewards of his holy life!

Stany Lobo, Thirlapalke/ Sharjah
20/02/2022 22:20:33

Heartfelt condolences to all family members.May his soul rest in peace

Louis D Sa, Shankerapura (Pangala)
20/02/2022 15:44:02

May the soul of Fr. Edwin rest in peace. Heartfelt condolences to Abp. Albert, Msgr. Mathew and rest of the family members.

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