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Francis J Saldanha, Moodubelle/Mangalore
20/07/2020 21:44:05

This is such a shocking news to know that my dear friend neighbor Wilfred is no more! I m stunned by this sad news. Jovial,affable very helpful personality. My deepest condolences to Menezes family. May the departed soul of dear wilfy Rest In Peace.

AM DMello, Pangala/Mumbai
20/07/2020 21:27:34

Very sad to know. Attended the grand event he organised "Vintage 1968" two years back at Moodubelle and his love and concern to one and all. May his soul rest in peace and God grant his family to bear this great loss.

Philip Mudartha, Navi Mumbai
20/07/2020 20:19:20

My heartfelt condolences to both Menezes and Machado families. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

ignatius alva, dubai/pangle
20/07/2020 19:34:06

so sad..praying for the family.

Godwin Dsouza, Sharjah
20/07/2020 18:26:48

Devastated by this shocking news. Wilfyam was a great, inspiring personality and a visionary. He always knew what he was speaking and what he wanted to do in life.

Belle is in great loss today as we have lost a gem. Successful, yet simple and down to earth. Inspiration to many, Wilfyam, you will be missed dearly.

Pray to God to give strength to his wife Reena and children and all family members to bear this humongous loss.

May your soul rest in eternal peace.

Valerian Alva, Kattingeri
20/07/2020 18:15:37

Can’t believe Wilfy is no more. A good friend for past 20 years, always helpful and humble guy. Worked all the way up from his humble beginning. A great courageous visionary leader, ready to help anyone, mentor for many is no more. Belle has lost a great human being. May God give strength to Reena, Renvil, Rhea, Dolphy, Richard, Ivan and all their family members. Rest in peace my friend

Irene Lobo, Moodubelle/London
20/07/2020 18:07:52

It is indeed shocking, He was a jewel of Moodubelle, Good human being, successful business man, he loved belle from his soul. You will be missed and remembered always Wilfred, Rest your soul in Peace, Heartfelt condolences to his family....

20/07/2020 17:52:19

Sad Shocking News. Heartfelt condolences to the family members. May his soul rest in peace.

Valley Quadros, Mumbai
20/07/2020 17:41:09

Unbelievable to read this news, such a dynamic leader at such a young age departing is too harsh. My heartfelt condolences to his family and my may his soul rest in peace.

Louis Alva, Moodubelle
20/07/2020 17:25:16

I have truly lost a good and eversmiling friend who is my classmate and benchmate too. We had close relationships eventhough we are away from each other. I am totally devasted to hear this sad and unfortunate news. Our heartfelt condolences to his wife Reena and to his kids. Wilfyam though you are not with us physically anymore, your eversmiling face and helping nature to the community and Belle parish will be always rememberd. Goodbye my dear friend until we meet again. I pray to the lord to grant you eternal rest and may your soul rest in peace...

Wilfred Castelino, Moodubelle/ Dubai
20/07/2020 17:10:40

Very shocking, can’t believe to know Wilfyaam is no more. The gentleman and always smiling face and great leader , community builder is no more.
We belle people lost a great person but will be remembered for his wonderful service for society . We pray that his soul Rest In Peace. May give strengthens his family to bear the pain.

AM DMello, Pangala / Mumbai
18/07/2020 19:34:11

Congratulations to Anil and team. Wishing all success to Lions Club doing great service to Society.

Joe Quadros, Mt.Rosary, Udupi
13/07/2020 05:58:23

Good to see you presenting history as is. Hope you know the bhakths are rewriting it. Appreciate the fresh perspective.
-Joe Quadros

Gregory Menezes, DANIEL ISLAND, USA
13/07/2020 03:37:30

I like your article on Indo-China-Pak wars history on BV. Thank you for giving Nehru the credit of keeping India in perspective despite a young PM and a young country having to face Chinese agression in it s infancy. Overall India has done well dspite ministerial corruption keeping nonetheless the aesthetic values of humanity. This essay article should give the young millannials a glimse of the past in a nutshell honoring the Indian heritage. In recent years I personally notice they depart from our rich heritage pursuing popular western yappy culture. Pride oneself of being Indian and act like an Indian. I particulary loved the Indian journalist at Trump presser at his recent visit to India, though the western journalists mocked him the overwhelming comments appreciated him quipping unlike western journalists, this journalist knew and has learnt more than one language . India, strong stand your ground together.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
12/07/2020 16:25:26

Thank you Dr. Eugene for the wonderful pictorial report. Wishing all the best to Fr. Vijith

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
12/07/2020 16:22:14

Thank you Philip for the wonderful article and refreshing history of 1962. PRC was always stronger than India due to its communist rule. India is not united due to democracy! PRC always back stabbed.

Victor Sequeira, Moodubelle/USA
11/07/2020 16:55:50

Great article Philip. Good to know the history of Sino-Indian relations. Looking forward to the second part of this article. Thanks

Joseph Mathais, Belle
09/07/2020 08:14:26

May the Lord bless you as you follow in His way. May you find joy and peace as He inspires you each day. Congratulations on your Ordination.

Vierra Dsouza, Girgaum
08/07/2020 21:20:06

We were very good next door neighbours at Jumbo Darshan..my sister Vienna myself used to enjoy his company. He was sp downright humble was just beginning an era of a great career.Rita his wife

Peter P. Saldanha, Kabyadi / Pamboor
08/07/2020 01:37:25

Congrats Richard Danthi on this well deserved Literary award and I wish you well my dear friend.

Keep up the good work.

Bharathi Shetty, karanjar
30/06/2020 22:23:47

Thanks a lot for giving such wonderful information about our past.

Lucy, Belle/Keman/USA
28/06/2020 02:25:34

Dear Rita voni, Allen, Audrey and Lobo family
Words cannot express how deeply sorry we are for the sudden passing of Killibab. Thinking of each one of you during this difficult time of sorrow and praying to god almighty to give you the strength to bear this immense loss. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Lucy and family

Ivetes Rony Lobo, Badlapur
28/06/2020 02:22:38

Your article has put some light on our Catholic community which has migrated from Goa to Mangalore, now we would like to know more about the present day position our young Catholic people who are residing in foreign land and how are they looking at the history of their ancestors and their present life with the future of the Goan identity of which one can have big pride.

27/06/2020 20:29:02

May her soul rest in peace.

Rony Norbert Pinto, Shirva / Bahrain
26/06/2020 22:15:07

Dear Thomas,Ronald Deena,
Very sorry to know the sad demise of your beloved mother and our dear Moushi. May almighty God give you strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss.May her soul Rest In Peace.
Yours in grief,
Rony, Preethi, Riva Ronel.

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
26/06/2020 20:38:42

Heartfelt condolences to all family members. May her soul rest in peace.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle
26/06/2020 13:59:59

Dear Lawrence Baab Family,
My family and I are so saddened by the news of our dearest Maria Bai s death. Heartfelt condolences to all the family members. May the departed soul of Maria Bai rest in peace and may you all find solace in her memories. She will be missed by all of us.

Maurice Menezes, Belle/Udupi.
25/06/2020 09:56:18

May his soul Rest In Peace.

Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Andheri
25/06/2020 05:34:34

My heartfelt condolences to the family members. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Gregory Menezes, Moodu Belle/DANIEL ISLAND, USA
24/06/2020 20:15:09

Clement was my classmate 1st grade thru new 8th grade at St. Lawrence School. He in fact is my third cousin by virtue of his maternal grandmother and my paternal grandmother were sisters. I remember dictating to him English articles while he practiced stenography during evening hours at our St. Lawrence Association residence in Byculla, Bombay. I remember him as a go getter and worked hard towards his goals.
May he rest in peace in the loving embrace of our Lord. My heartfelt condolences to the family.

Theresa Lobo, Kattingery/Mumbai
23/06/2020 20:48:59

May his soul rest in peace.Amen
Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
23/06/2020 14:52:54

Thank you Philip for this rare kind of article. I had no idea such movie existed. Not sure if it is exact real life story....certainly there may be near truth elements!

Reshma Pais, Puttur
18/06/2020 08:42:42

ಸರ್ವಾoಕ್ ಮ್ಹಜೆ ಪ್ರಣಾಮ್
ಹಾoವ್ ರೇಶ್ಮಾ ಪಾಯಿಸ್ ಪುತ್ತೂರು.
ಕವಿತಾ ಮ್ಹಟೊoವ್ ಆರoಭ್ ಕರ್ನ್ ದಿಲ್ಲ್ಯಾ ಬಾಪ್ ಜೊಸ್ಸಿ ಸಿದ್ಧಕಟ್ಟೆ ತ್ಹುಮ್ಕಾ ಹಾoವ್ ಅಭಿನoದನ್ ಪಾಟಾಯ್ತಾ.
ಮ್ಹಕಾ ಹೆo ಮ್ಹಟ್ವಾಕ್ ಅಪೊವ್ಣೆ ದಿಲ್ಲ್ಯಾ ರೋಶನಿ ಫೆರ್ನಾoಡಿಸ್ ತುಕಾ ಹಾoವ್ ದೇವ್ ಬರೆo ಕರುo ಮ್ಹಣ್ತಾ.
ಆನಿ ಮುಖ್ಲೊ ಗಾoಸ್ ಗೊಡ್ಸುoಕ್ ರೀನಾ ರೊಡ್ರಿಗಸ್ ಬೆoಜನಪದವು ಹಾoಕಾ ಹಾoವ್ ಉಲೊ ದಿತಾ.
ಕವಿತಾ: ಜಿವಿತ್ ದೆವಾಚ್ಯಾ ಹಾತಾoತ್ಲೆ
ಕವಿ: ಸಿವಿ ಲೊರೆಟ್ಟೊ

Eugene D Souza, Moodubelle
16/06/2020 14:50:08

Very interesting review of the movie Two Popes by Philip Mudartha.

clement menezes, marne/kuwait
16/06/2020 07:58:20

Heartfelt condolences to family members.shocking news.May his soul rest in peace

Charles, US
14/06/2020 23:00:04

Our heart could not digest on hearing our beloved Vijay. Vijay and family have been very close to us and it has been in our good fortune to experience the love humanity humbleness simplicity we have experienced to me personally it has been a great loss I have lost a brother a friend a companion whom I could trust always miss you brother my kids Chris and Kristal have experienced your love That you showered on them when they were growing they even remember today how nice of an indivual you were my wife Florine always had great thing to say about you and your family we cherish the good times we had together in abudhabi brother I will surely miss you but god wanted you more then us in his paradise we salute you for being a very nice human being more so to your parents brothers and sisters whom I respect and love as a great god fearing family Rest In Peace my brother Vijay you have and will be cherished and remembered in our prayers an$ remembered everything god bless we pray god give all his strength to your family to bear the irreplaceable loss

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
14/06/2020 21:52:31

Heartfelt condolences to family members. May his soul rest in peace.

John Fernandes, Moodubelle /Nottingham UK
14/06/2020 13:14:55

Sad to hear the news. May his soul rest in peace.

14/06/2020 08:04:49

May his soul rest in peace.

Dnyaneshwar kharat, Jalna
08/06/2020 19:43:55

I studied here 12 years..really it had an impact on my life be it values or education...It played an very important role in acheiving my milestone..and bcoz of it I m here serving Society being a doctor..
Silver jubilee function was grand celebration and I had not seen such a large function in my 12 years of education in this school.
In this function I took part as Chief Anchor and I thank all who supported me ,guided me and for providing such a big platform for showing our skills.

Johnny, Kattingere / Toronto
28/05/2020 04:40:28

Very sad news. Heartfelt condolences to Dr.Eugene D Souza and his family members. May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

Sigfred DSouza, Moodubelle / Dubai
27/05/2020 16:54:58

Heartfelt Condolences to Dr. Eugene and family. May the Lord grant you all the courage and strength to bear this great loss and may her soul rest in eternal peace.

Glades noronha, Kuwait
27/05/2020 11:49:08

Our heartfelt condolences to dr. Eugene D Souza n family members. May her soul rest in heavenly peace.

Valerian Fernandes, Abu Dhabi
27/05/2020 09:52:13

Heartfelt Condolences to Dr. Eugene and fly members. May her soul rest in peace.

Remy Fernandes, Piusnagar/Kuwait
27/05/2020 05:47:44

Dear Eugine bab
Please accept our heartfelt condolence to you and fly members. May her soul rest in peace. Bof55

Gerhard Fernandes, Belman/Mumbai
27/05/2020 05:41:14

Dear Eugene,
Very sorry to hear about your wife s passing away. No one will no the pain you are going through this period of time. In this time of grief, remembering you in my prayers and beliving that God is near you in all the times of grief. May God who holds you in His hands comfort you in your sorrow and strengthen you in His love.
With deep sympathy,

Anthony Castelino, Moodubelle/Dubai
26/05/2020 21:57:25

Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. May Almighty grant you all enough strength to bear this irreparable loss. May Lord grant unto her Eternal rest and May her soul Rest In Peace

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
26/05/2020 21:57:24

Heartfelt condolences to all family members. May her soul rest in peace.

Valerian Alva, Kattingeri
26/05/2020 19:46:43

Heartfelt Condolences to Dr. Eugene Dsouza. May the Lord grant you all the courage and strength to bear this great loss and may her soul rest in eternal peace.

Austin Prabhu, Chicago
26/05/2020 19:27:08

Our sincere and heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of your wife. May her soul rest in peace and may God Almighty grant you and your loved ones enough strength to bear this loss.

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