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26/04/2020 16:56:49

May her soul rest in peace.

Rony Norbert Pinto, Shirva
26/04/2020 14:20:02

Dear Alphonsa Bai,Francis Dattu, Hilda Bai,
Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of our Eliza Maushi. We pray God Almighty helps you at this time of grief.Eternal Rest grant unto her oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
May her soul Rest in Eternal peace.

Your s in prayer,
Rony. Preethi, Riva Ronel.

22/04/2020 18:36:42

May his soul rest in peace.

Fredrick Fernandes, Moodubelle / Boston USA
21/04/2020 22:47:44

Dear Victor, Tony, Valerian, Charles, Gracy, Ronald and Alwyn, please accept our Heartfelt Condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May the Lord comfort you all in this time of grief and sadness. May her noble soul rest in eternal peace and happiness with the Lord.

Charles Sequeira, Dubai
20/04/2020 21:12:26

Rest In Peace Mai. Love you and will miss you.

Jerald D’Souza, Thabail/shirva
10/04/2020 11:53:24

May his soul Rest In Peace

Freddie Castelino, Moodubelle/Bandra Mumbai
10/04/2020 08:37:16

Our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.May his soul re t in peace.
Freddie Millie Ca telino

Gilbert D souza, Pump well/ mangalore/canada/mississauga
10/04/2020 04:29:26

Very happy to see you as an entrepreneur. Good luck. Happy to know your brother in U.K. How is Virus and your Mom?

09/04/2020 07:58:12

May his soul rest in peace

Pascal Rebello, Bangalore
08/04/2020 14:56:46

May his soul rest in peace

Dr.Raviraj sheet, Manipal
02/04/2020 07:56:18

Can you please tell about Chandra shekar Arasu of alupa dynasty

Felix, Fonseka
01/04/2020 15:16:51

On April 1st 2020 I followed the mass officiated by Fr. Roshan on TV. His homily truly touched my heart to Walk the walk with Christ, Well said! The whole homily has a deep meaning what true faith should be, When I fail, I will listen to Fr, Rohan s homily. Thanks and God Bless

Xavier Peter Noronha, Mangaluru
26/03/2020 17:33:58

Kudos to John! Your spectacular pics are awesome! Hope I can go on at least one such lifetime tour.

Lynet Joyce D Costa, Mangaluru
26/03/2020 17:30:10

John Tauro s adventurous spirit during the onset of COVID-19 is commendable indeed. The pics are nice that say more than the story. Hope we get to see more travelogues in the nearest future after the world gets back to normal from COVID. Best wishes.

Robert D Costa, Mangaluru
26/03/2020 17:26:03

John Tauro, who is young in heart, busting with enthusiasm seems to have covered half of the globe in nearly a decade. Although I am not able to go on overseas tour; I can relish the pics of pristine nature and glimpses of ancient civilisation. Hope John covers rest of 88 countries to cover the whole world in his lifetime. All the best!!

John B. Monteiro, Bondel Mangalore
25/03/2020 08:44:20

Bellevision John V.Tauro, the one who is hosting a museum in his “Budget House” in Shiva Bagh, has returned from yet another world tour before Carona -19 hit India. How does this concern us? A Chinese proverb says that one good picture is worth 10,000 words. Going by this, John, with his travel tales in visual form, supported by dozens of well-composed, sharp photos published in the popular Bellevision website following every one of his half a dozen outings that have covered nearly all of global tourist trails – as in the case of his latest foray into five South American countries. Going with a batch of other tourists under the banner of Mumbai-based Veena World Tours, he is now a familiar mascot for the dozen and more repeat tourist with Veena who start from Mumbai and terminate there – after a 20-day foray in the latest case - into exotic locales. His memories of these outings, which are captured in his high-end camaras – not smartphones - are currently trending on the home page of popular Bellevision website.

The latest trip covered Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. All these countries are studded with ancient and modern marvels and nature’s beauty. John’s travel reporting, mainly through photos, is gripping and educative. Over the years his photos and related reports have progressively improved like old wine in the casks. His latest photos have Samba dancers which got my eye popping – at 82-vintage years.

Two things are notable in John’s travels around the world. He takes his smartly attired and fetching wife, Regina, along though it might risk controlling his roving eyes through the camera viewfinder and beyond. Because, though retired, John has youthful energy and drive. His dress sense on such tours makes himself a moving star. For instance, he is strutting around in his native mundu and shawl as also western suits and hats and boots to suit.

So, without getting into individual photos, I can safely recommend them to Bellevision viewers.

PS: A confession. John has an altruistic streak. He has, over the years offered gratis photo support for my Bondel Laughter Club and Johnlyn Toy Exchange which collects toys from those who no longer need them and presents them to deprived children in orphanages and bala/balika ashrams to bring a smile on their faces while owning and holding what are now their own toys. Also thanks to Bellevision for generously covering these events.

PPS: With the latest South American foray, John has so far covered 102 countries.

regina tauro, mangalore
24/03/2020 15:49:52

excellent travelouge by john ice pictures all countries he visitd are never explore earlier hope he not touched corona virus yes returnd before in touched south america wish him safe return tu mangaluru

Shriram Hebbar, Dubai-UAE
23/03/2020 19:07:11

Lovely pictures and videos

Ronald D, Moodubelle
12/03/2020 13:43:41

Happy to read the grand sendoff to 10th grade students and motivation provided. Extremely happy to see Philip 1st rank holder after 51 years at the same venue motivating the young ones. Thanks to Dr. Eugene for reporting this wonderful and significant event. All the best to 10th Std students.

Peter P. Saldanha, Kabyadi / Pamboor
08/03/2020 21:37:46

Very good article. We all had hope on Modiji that he will end corruption and we will see Acche Din. People under India-2 and India-3 categories that you mentioned are suffering for no fault of theirs. Unless the government enforces strong measures and laws to recover bad loans especially given to Corporate houses or businesses run by close relatives of bank executives, this will continue to hurt Indian economy and the common man. Modiji has been screaming at the top of his lungs that we will soon be a 5 trillion economy but without clear plans and milestones to reform the economy, this seems to be a far stretched goal than a committed one. The Indian voters need to realize the false notion of nation building and demand answers from this government; the sooner the better.

Richie, Moodubelle/Kuwait
05/03/2020 11:28:15

Hats off to you Sir.

Sharmila Dsouza, Moodubelle/Bahrain
04/03/2020 09:45:03

Our love and deepest sympathies to Lilly, Lydia, Edwin and to entire family. May her soul rest in peace. We miss you Alli Mousi.

03/03/2020 21:01:09

May her soul rest in peace.

VincentGregory Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
03/03/2020 20:00:17

Heartfelt condolences to Lily, Edwin and Lydia and all family members. May her soul rest in peace.

Francis Lobo, MUMBAI
02/03/2020 22:54:49

Heartfelt condolences to entire family on the sad demise of my Bappu .We pray for his soul Rest in Peace!

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle/Mangalore
02/03/2020 18:01:06

My deepest condolences to his family and prayers for his soul to rest in eternal peace.

Maurice Menezes, Belle/Udupi
02/03/2020 17:48:19

Our heart felt condolences sympathies to Ms Christine(widow) and children and bereaved family on the sad demise of Mr Baptist Lobo our family friend with prayer for eternal rest in peace in heaven for the departed soul.

jerald dsouza, thabail moodubelle
02/03/2020 10:19:14

May his soul rest peace

02/03/2020 07:58:15

May his soul rest in peace.

Wilson Martis, Moodubelle
18/02/2020 20:49:30

It is very sad to say that people of Guddabettu-Ankudru are living in very pathetic condition and without basic amenities like road. People s representatives forgot their responsibility.

Wilson, Pamboor
18/02/2020 18:19:17

Great Job done by belle youths,wake up call for belle panchyath,panchyath is charging too much money for services, example house rax but there is no lights in the roads, no water service, they charge for everything to common man and common man gets peanuts,panchyath members get up and do the job,If you want win upcoming election.

Shashiprasad, Moodubelle
18/02/2020 10:57:31

Thanks Bellevision for covering the sorry state of the road. People are indefinitely waiting for good road for almost a decade now.
People representatives and beurocrats should remember that providing a good road for people is their responsibility and having a decent, all season motorable roads across villages is not luxury anymore.
21st century villages can t live with 20th century roads.

Villager, Moodubelle
18/02/2020 09:25:25

Happy to see people awakening and demanding good roads! They must be remembering now the good work done by previous peoples representative. Sadly he was not elected despite of great development he did for the constituency!

A Rodrigues, Mangalore/Qatar
17/02/2020 16:08:34

Dear Philip Uncle thank you for giving us an opportunity to read this well researched article and sharing your wise views on AAP s big win.The people of Delhi have voted for the intelligent brains and kind hearts of AAP. I hope to see the wave of AAP spreading to other states too.I welcome politics of progress rather than politics of power.Many like us are celebrating their win.AAP ko jai ho.

Michael Sequeira, Pamboor / Nairobi
17/02/2020 14:18:42

Philip is a very analytical and prolific writer.Philip your observations are mostly if not always correct.Kejriwal in his inaugural speech has extended his arms to the central government/BJP and all the opposition party leaders to serve the people of Delhi and build a model world class city.AAP is a party of the common people and Kejriwal has provided the Aam ordinary people what they need in their day to day life like free/cheap water,subsidised electric power,free transport,the most deserved security for women by installing CCTV.Kejriwal is definetely running a corruption free administartion which the ordinary people are seeing in the government offerred services.Philip you have beautifully analysed and articulated Kejriwals winning strategy by distancing from being an angry activist to helping the common man irrespective of caste and religion.His service, based on bible teaching or reciting Hanuman Chalisa have found a common ground with the ordinary people.What is now paramount is to spread this vision to other parts of the country to enjoy a peaceful and a new face of politics.Sure both BJP and Congress are taking a cue from kejriwal.

Sandeep, Gurpura
17/02/2020 12:52:07

Good bless

A Rodrigues, Mangalore/Qatar
17/02/2020 11:36:34

Dear Philip Uncle thank you for giving us an opportunity to read your article filled with well researched facts and ideas on AAP s election win.AAP has the most needed brains and hearts to do the intelligent and kind acts for people.AAP has created a revolution in the field of politics by focusing and sticking on to the growth culture.The smart people of Delhi have very well noticed the potential of AAP.Hope the wave of AAP spreads to the whole nation.

Sepra vencita pinto, Kanajar
17/02/2020 09:57:01

Mr. Philip have briefly explained the analysis of Mr. Kejriwal. Well done sir !!
I personally think , AAPs victory have made people realise there is still a hope that the corruption could be vanished in Delhi .so Kejriwal should extend his rule all over . Lastly , I would like to thank you for such an informative article and keep writing.

Seema, Pamboor
17/02/2020 04:53:42

Good One

Roji Mathew, Qatar
16/02/2020 21:50:35

As you said Mr Arvind Kejriwal is a clever politician,He nicely transformed AAP from their hypothetical and impractical urban naxalite policies to a blend of socialistic liberalized policy which is more beneficial for the indian middle class.Also it is a reflection of indian youths disappointment mainly due to the unfulfilled promises of Mr Modi.Delhites are among the most suffered people of Modinomics. Also the after effect of the CAA clearly reflects in this election result.Also i suspect that Some of the congress votes are purposefully diverted to AAP camp by congress to keep BJP from Delhi throne.

Clara, Doha qatar
16/02/2020 19:06:41

Good article on journey of Mr Kerjiwal

Edward Dsouza, petri
16/02/2020 16:37:49

The article provides an indepth analysis of the Delhi assembly ecetion.Mr Philip Dsouza has tried to bring out the different facets concerned with Delhi administration and has elucidated them in a very intersting way.It gives indepth knowledge about the political and administrative aspects . Congrats to Mr Philip Dsouza for this informative work.

Joe Quadros, Kalyanpur, Udupi
16/02/2020 08:23:58

Well written. Kejrival shrewdly talked to the people on their day to day issues, nearer to their hearts and wisely kept away from mud slinging and name calling the opponents. Imagine boldly claiming from a stage last December that he is governance is based on Jesus teachings! More so, when he convinced people that he can afford to give freebies only because his govt. is corruption free! Mr. Philip has nicely articulated Kejrivals winning strategy. The Chanakya of BJP Amit Shah seems to have agreed with Mr. Philip when he said he miscalculated! Keep writing, Philip.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
15/02/2020 11:28:05

Wonderful analysis. True, Kejriwal spent all his energies on building an image of an able administrator, delivering government services to the people of Delhi regardless of ethnicity, religion, caste and class.
Hope every state gets a CM like him so that citizens can live in peace and minimum corruption in public works!

Peter Saldanha, Kabyadi / Pamboor
15/02/2020 08:13:46

National narratives, hatred based on religion, go to Pakistan, goli maro salon ko, etc. did not help BJP in Delhi and I think will not help BJP in other upcoming state elections. Also they did not have a strong leader in Delhi. Tiwari, Goel are no match to Kejriwal. Moreover Kejriwal outsmarted BJP by reciting Hanuman Chalisa and immediately became a fan favorite among Delhi people especially Women. BJP definitely needs a different strategy to win Bihar and West Bengal with so many anti CAA / NRC protests happening in these states. Curious how Kursi Kumar will fight to hold on to his post.

A whatsapp forward summarized the Delhi results nicely:
Jaadu maro - 62
Goli Maro - 8
Danda Maro - 0

Tressa, Mumbai
13/02/2020 19:51:17

Well done indeed. Very well analysed. May he take this beyond Delhi.

13/02/2020 16:17:37

Nice article.We want leaders like Kejriwal.

Boston Gem, Belle / Boston, USA
13/02/2020 15:14:34

Phillip, a great analysis of Kejriwals rise thru his feel for the common man, poor and suufering, ailing seniors. In contrast to age old politicians get into power and then forget the people that put them in power, Kejriwal delivered what he promised: fight corruption, #draintheswamp and develop and implement infrastructure to aid the public. A model, to serve the people he fought the election for free of prejudice towards religion, caste or creed. Rise above politics and serve the nation and its citizens. I am happy he narrates the life of Jesus and follows His guidance in performing his duties. -GeM

Melwyn N, Mumbai
13/02/2020 08:18:28

Wow this article gives an in-depth yet brief history of Kejriwal s journey towards transformation success in recently held elections..
Philip Dsouza (Mudartha) has this natural gift of writing great articles with a neutral frame of mind which is what s lacking in current articles by well known writers / journalists etc..
Philip, you are doing a great job.. Keep it up and hope to see many of your articles in national / international journals / newspapers etc..

Aboobacker Nettikkara, Kerala- Kozhikode
13/02/2020 07:22:51

Mr. Philip clearly explained the march of Mr. Kejriwal by acquiring a commendable 54% of vote share and 62 seats in assembly. People gave great support for his endeavour to address the issues of common people. Hope the politicians will learn from him, read assess what is clearly stated by Mr. Philip D’Souza

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