Ankudru Vented Dam ready in record time: What will be the follow up...?

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Report by Dr. Eugene D’Souza
Pics by Anil, Ivan and Eugene
Bellevision Media Network

Moodubelle, 10 July 2010: As periodically mentioned by the contractor Mr. Vijayananda Shetty of Kundapur and Mr. Gerald Fernandes, the chief force behind the project, the multi-purpose  Ankudru vented dam has been completed  in record time by 10th June 2010,  just before the monsoon set in. Presently, people from Padubelle and Moodubelle can cross the river as the water flows below the top surface (bridge) through the vents. 

The vented dam at Ankudru is quite an important multi-functional project. The dam has been built under the auspices of the Karnataka Government’s Minor Irrigation Department. The foundation stone of the project was laid on 6th February 2010 by Mr. D.V. Sadananda Gowda, MP from Udupi-Chikmagalur Lok Sabha Constituency in the presence of Mr. Lalaji R. Mendon, MLA from the Kaup Constituency, Mr. Gerald Fernandes, President of the Social Justice Committee, Udupi Zilla Panchayat, Mr. Shashidhar Wagle, the then President of the Belle Grama Panchayat and other dignitaries as well as villagers from Moodubelle as well as Padubelle.

The construction of the vented dam across the river had been a laborious task. First of all the water from the site of the dam had to be emptied and the base had to be made dry prior to the commencement of the construction work of the vented dam. With this view, both sides of the proposed site of the dam were blocked by dumping soil across the river that prevented the flow of water. This work started from 26th February 2010 and the water from the blocked portion was emptied by using powerful pumps from 11th March 2010.

As the river bed became dry a new problem cropped up in the form of a huge rock projecting from the river bed which had to be broken and cleared for laying the foundation of the dam. The site for the dam was inspected by the Superintendent Engineer of Mysore Circle, Mr. Ranganathan on 26th March 2010. The construction of work  of the vented dam started from 29th March 2010. The contractor of the project, Mr. Vijayananda Shetty being determined to complete the project before the start of the monsoon carried on the work without break. However, due to the accidental death of a labourer working on the project due to drowning, the work was delayed for few days. 

 In spite of this setback, the work of the dam continued briskly and by 10th June 2010 the final railings of the top ‘bridge’ were fixed and the entire project was completed in record time of 105 days since the actual construction of the vented dam had started on 29th March 2010. According to Mr. Vijayananda Shetty, the contractor of the project, the Minor Irrigation Department had stipulated March 2011 as the period by which the dam would have to be completed. However, the project was completed by 10th June 2010, nearly nine months in advance of the period stipulated by the Minor Irrigation Department.  

The cost of the Ankudru vented dam is Rs.81 lakhs. The dam is 42 metres in length and 4 metres in height. It has the top surface of 2.75 metres width that would enable small vehicles such as cars and rickshaws to pass over it. There are 17 vents each with a width of 2 metres. This  dam has the holding capacity of over one million cubic metres of water that would extend to over 6 kilometres that can be used to irrigate vast amount of land in Belle, Kattingeri and Shirva villages.

The shed to store the wooden planks to be used to block water during the lean period from around October is ready. The real utility of the vented dam will be felt during the later part of the year when the vents would be blocked. This multi-purpose  dam would not only provide water for irrigation purpose, but also will augment drinking water facilities as it would enable to raise the water level in the wells that are located in proximity of the river. Besides these advantages, the ‘bridge’ would enable the people and small vehicles to cross over the ‘bridge’ that would link Moodubelle and Padubelle. 

Since the completion of the construction of the vented dam, it has become a centre of attraction for people from both sides of the river. People come to this dam, sometimes with children to spend the evening walking across the ’bridge’ and standing at the centre of it enjoying the beauty of the surrounding greenery and watching the rain water flowing through the vents. 

Mr. Gerald Fernandes, the member of the Udupi Zilla Panchayat and the President of the Social Justice Committee has played an important role in the construction of the Ankudru vented dam. He was instrumental in getting sanction to the dam and while it was being constructed he had been supervising the work in order to maintain the quality and speed of the work. Mr. Gerald Fernandes said that on the Moodubelle side of the river, the Nayak family close to the dam site had fully cooperated with the project by surrendering considerable amount of  land for the approach road as well as for the construction of the dam. 

Once the Ankudru vented dam is ready, the next question is that of the approach road so that the people from both parts of Belle would be able to use the dam ‘bridge’ for transport and communication.  The problem of the link road has been greater in Padubelle region. There was a rough road up to the residence of Mr. John Sequeira. From there the road had to be extended up to the vented dam in order to complete the link. According to Mr. John Sequeira, soon after the project of the vented dam was approved and tender was issued, Mr. Gerald Fernandes approached some of the families in Padubelle through whose land the road has to pass through and suggested that the road would have to be constructed with their cooperation as they might have to surrender some part of their land including parts of paddy fields. Besides, there was a need  of the approach road to the residences of some of the families. According to Mr. John Sequeira, some of the youngsters of Padubelle including William, Alwyn, Anil and Prakash convinced their family members to agree for surrendering part of their land including paddy fields so that the road till the river bank could be constructed. Thus, the rough road was extended up to the river cutting across the barren land as well as paddy fields.

Though the Ankudru vented dam has been completed, the road is still patchy and not yet complete. On the Padubelle side there is a need of five culverts in order to allow the rain water and pump water for irrigation to pass through. The work of completing the road and providing the culverts has to be done in the near future. With the changeover of the administration in the Belle Grama Panchayat following this year’s Panchayat elections, the responsibility of completing the work of the road on both sides of the vented dam, especially on the Padubelle (Pamboor) side lay with the new administration. While the former administration of the Panchayat can take credit for the completion of the Ankudru vented dam in record time, it is expected by the people of both Moodubelle and Padubelle that it would cooperate with the new administration in completing the connecting roads on both sides of the vented dam so that the project would be complete in every sense of the term. If this is achieved, the project   would become an example of collective responsibility of the elected members of the Panchayat irrespective of their party affiliation so that the people would appreciate the work of their elected representatives. It is hoped that the new administration will take up the construction of the roads and culverts in right earnest and complete the project in time. 

Though the Ankudru vented dam has been completed within a record time, there is no sign of its inauguration so far. The foundation stone for the dam was laid with a grand ceremony which was attended by Mr. D.V. Sadananda Gowda, MP from Udupi-Chikmagalur Lok Sabha Constituency, Mr. Lalaji R. Mendon, MLA from the Kaup Constituency and other local dignitaries. It is hoped that the Ankudru vented dam would be officially inaugurated soon so that the people of the Belle Grama Panchayat would know about one of the significant and important projects that has been accomplished with determination and good intention in a record time.


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Comments on this Article
Valerian Lobo, Moodubelle Thu, August-11-2011, 3:36
Dear Vincent how can he come out what he can say the person has not showing his real name some times short name sometimes small letters or capital letter of comment, this person enjoying him self by his crape comments and by makeing flash oversea s call. Mr Benedict please ignore these people let them bark they will learn until they get a kick on their stomach like our Belle politicians. Please write person who called his country code and the number we will find it out.
Albert, Kuwait Thu, August-11-2011, 2:46
If somebody have a issue then they need to be brave enough to express it in the column just like everybody else. Threatening act like this will take him nowhere.
Vincent, Belle Thu, August-11-2011, 1:07
Mr. 4049 (that is what we can call him at the moment), why are you hiding, come out and say what you have to say.
Victor DSouza, Moodubelle / Doha Thu, August-11-2011, 12:13
This person who phoned, why don t he put forward his opinion and debate it like a gentleman. Mr. Benedict please carry on the good work you have been doing and ignore those who throw stone from the dark.
Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle Thu, August-11-2011, 10:50
Dear Benedict, just ignore these cowards (hedi -in proper kannada language) ! You have done a great job by writing the facts in bellevision. Keep on doing the good work you have always been doing. We are with you!! At times truth could be bitter!! You cannot help it!!
Benedict Noronha, Udupi Thu, August-11-2011, 4:06
This article on the vented dam and after that there were comments about height , use of it during rainy season etc. I had sent my comments on this and also some photographs with defficient work , complaint and repairs etc some time in Aprit/May with photographs. This way was made available for some time in summer.I had also gave short feed back on problems of raising height etc which was mis construed and one gentleman from Gulf, called to my mobile on 04-08-2011 at about 23-11 indian time using phoe 4049 and threaten me to " Benny yaa yIr baari ppareppar bellevision d ; yireda Car wond, camera wound.haam, Barpe yan thupe... I say yes, O.K.... the call was cut. I waitd for some days to see this man actually to be active to meet me and show his strength or capacity. This must be from a person from and arround that area, Belle, kabyaadi or surrounding places who must have been affected politically or on paddy fileds or road etc. But here my point is what is the use of threatening over mobile? If he has got guts, let him come to me let us discuss and see what wrong I have done or hurt him his people and then try to score off or settle scores. Let not any one threaten me .
Pothram, Moodubelle Sun, August-7-2011, 6:19

Sooraj, han mein baccha hoon sher ki bacche ki tarh, lekin ek baat samjlo pyare " gadhe ko kithna bhi umr ho woh ghoda nahi bantha"

Stephen, Moodubelle Sat, August-6-2011, 12:59

Dear commentators Do you have any clue of the bridge sanctioned long ago over river Papanashini...? Is there any blue print or any progress on the project...? Or you busy with commenting the half done vented dam which is of NO USE(....?) The vented dam is completed within record time, and only the work of approaching roads is pending. and it will be completed if you guys cooperate for a shortwhile in a possitive attitude.

Pothram, Moodubelle Fri, August-5-2011, 6:03

Dear Suraj-belle. you are right no use to argue with Pothram. My knowledge is not enough to think technicalities. I am still bacha. You more intelligent to me . Now am using your idea on this dam. You wanted dam should be more height. IF THAT DAM CONSTRUCTED MORE THAN GROUND LEVEL WATER WILL ENTER TO THE NEAREST RICE FIELD SUMMER SEASON AND IN SUMMER ALSO FLOOD LIKE RAINY SEASON.

Suraj-Belle, Moodubelle Fri, August-5-2011, 1:37
Wilson Udupi, it is no use to argue with Pothram. His knowledge is not enough to think technicalities. He is still bacha...Never mind him he will learn the things when he grow matured.
Pothram, moodubelle Thu, August-4-2011, 5:56
Dear Wilson , udupi. I dont hav any problem in dam. I have 3 acre land at river bank.. M using the river water to rice field and coconut trees. I wanted say that our locality is benefited from dam. Coming summer we can enjoy the summer with this water. Wait till next summer. savar fal mitta hotha he, phele kahane se katta hhotahe mamu.
Ajjer, Bolle Thu, August-4-2011, 1:44
Come-on the young generation, why do you fight on the dam and its usage with each other. Vehicles can pass over it only if the road on either side is done. Why don t you concentrate on getting the roads done. But do not blame again on the Panchayath for it. It is always easy to blame somebody. If you want to do something good and have some respect for elders then try to have the road done with whomsoever the road passes through because it is more useful to them also.
Wilson, Udupi Thu, August-4-2011, 11:06
Hello Potram, what are you trying to proove here. have you involved in the design of this vented dam? Do you aware of the design criteria of this vented dam when it is used for dual purpose.This dam is niether useful for irrigation purpose nor for transportation. It is benefitted only those responsible for its current situvation. By trying its justification it will not yield better results either to your friends or your party. Please come and see the ground reality and then you will understand the present situvation.
potram, moodubelle Thu, August-4-2011, 10:41
Sadanand Moolya, Pamboor,Kabyadi/Doha Tue, December-14-2010, 5:10
Ankudru dam and bridge was ready within four months(Febraury 06 to Junr 06).This is the first project we had seen in Kabyadi Ankudru area comparing the 25 years of political leadership.I am very happy to say thank you for Mr.Gerald Fernandes,our MLA Lalaji mendon,our MP.Sadananda gowda,contractor Mr.Vijayananda Shetty.I also request Belle panchayat president to compleate the road works at the earliest.We kabyadi people last 12 years dont have a boat to pass the river to Moodubelle.We are walking through Pamboor,Padubelle Poyyadapadi,Moodubelle.Now we can come upto ankudru little shortcut route.I also request Mr.Lalaji Mendon to compleate the new project of bridge Kabyadi- Kinnigudde- Moodubelle.It is the very short distance to Moodubelle and Bantakal.Kinnidudde,Kabyadi,Kattingeri nearly 50 houses will get the road facility and thousands of people getting benifit from this road and bridge.we kabyadi people Mr.william menezes,Mr Nanu moolya,Mr Thoma moolya,Mr Seena moolya and Sequiera family provided the land for the road works and the bridge.We expecting the fast work in this area and the development of this kugrama.We support the people who will develop this village.Thank you Belle vision.
anamica, belle Mon, July-12-2010, 5:31
Vented dam is ready in record time. but innugration of that bridge after 5 years. when B J P comng to rule belle grama panchayath.
Victor DSouza, Moodubelle / Doha Sat, July-10-2010, 4:55
Informative report and pictures by Dr. Eugene, Mr. Anil and Mr. Ivan. Nice to see the completed vented dam / bridge. Mr. Jerald Fernandes has played a great role in completion of this project, which is one of the projects the former administration of the Panchayat undertook successfully. Hope the new administration lead by Mrs. Jecinta Aranha will continue the same good work. Once the roads are completed and the bridge is functional it will be a lifeline between Moodubelle and Padubelle.
Anil, Belle/Doha Sat, July-10-2010, 4:05
Well done Jerry,you have made a dream come true. Hats off to you as you are a legend which will be remembered and your name will be written in golden alphabets in the pages of history of Moodubelle...Hope our fellow beings in Moodubelle will realise the sincere and honest efforts put forth by you in the development of our village.
Vijay Dsouza, Moodubelle Sat, July-10-2010, 2:31
Good job Bellevision team for following up on this issue. I was really looking forward this update for quite a some time. Mr.Jerald Fernandes has done a remarkable job by implimenting this project by arranging necessary approvals and finance. All the families staying near this vented dam should co-operate and then only the project can be successfully completed. I am sure Mr.Jerald Fernandes along with Newly elected president Mrs.Jecinta Aranha will be able to convince all concerned. Then it will be a remarkable achievement of Moodubelle and Padubelle wherein the development work is jointly handled irrespective of party affiliations.
wilfred, pamboor Sat, July-10-2010, 8:48
When we expect the road work will be completed ?if the basic approach road is not there till the bridge at both sides what is the use of the bridge? so we hope it will also complete soon and look forward for the inagraution of the it will help many people of both side ,Finally the dream will be in reality soon.
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