Moodubelle: Headmaster Peter Raphael Aranha retires after long service of 37 years

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By Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
Pics By Anil Alva
Bellevision Media Network

Moodubelle, 31 Oct 2012: Headmaster Peter Raphael Aranha who had the distinction of winning the ‘Rashtra Prashasthi’ as the best teacher  and who has been working first as an Assistant Teacher for 15 years and thereafter as the Headmaster for 22 years, totaling 37 years of distinguished service in  the Church Aided Higher Primary School, Moodubelle retired on October 31, 2012 on reaching 60 years of age.


A farewell function in honour of the retiring Headmaster, Peter Raphael Aranha was held in the school hall on October 31, 2012 at 2.30 pm. Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes, Correspondent of St. Lawrence Educational Institutions presided over the  farewell function. Peter Raphael Aranha and the incumbent Headmaster, Sylvester Mathias were on the dais along with Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes.


Besides the students and teaching staff of the school, the farewell function was attended by Mrs. Leena Sequeira-wife of Peter Raphael Aranha, Alphonse K. Alva and Mrs. Jacinta D’Souza, respectively the Vice President and the Secretary of the Parish Pastoral Council, Gerald Fernandes-President of the Parents-Teachers Association, Benedict Martis-memebr of the Management Committee, Commodore Jerome Castelino-Dean of St. Lawrence College, Fr. Lancy Saldanha-Principal of St.Lawrence English Medium High School, Mrs. Chandrakala-Senior teacher of St. Lawrence PU College, Mrs. Hilda Aranha-Senior Teacher of St. Lawrence Kannada Medium High School and Dr. Eugene D’Souza-Principal of St. Lawrence Degree College.


Following the prayer song by the students of the school, Sylvester Mathias, the present Headmaster welcomed the chief guest-Headmaster peter Raphael Aranha and other dignitaries. Speaking on behalf of the students, seventh standard student Gauri  said that Headmaster Peter Raphael Aranha was an ideal teacher and exemplary Headmaster.



On behalf of the teachers, senior teacher Mrs. Lilly Sequeira  said that Peter Raphael Aranha had the privilege of teaching and becoming the Headmaster of the same school in which he had studied and served the school with dedication for the last 37 years first as teacher and later as Headmaster. She also pointed out that being a good sportsman himself, Peter Raphael Aranha promoted sports in the school with special emphasis on Volleyball. It was because of his dedication and training that the school Volleyball team had won championship at the Taluk level for many years and the girls Volleyball teams had even  won at the district and once at the state level  tournament.  She recalled that Peter Raphael Aranha had joined the school as a teacher in 1975 and in 1990 he became the Headmaster following the retirement of the then Headmaster-Boniface Barboza. Mrs. Lilly Sequeira also lauded the leadership qualities and oratory skills of Peter Raphael Aranha and wished him good health and peace of mind after his retirement.


Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes honoured Peter Raphael Aranha along with his wife, Mrs. Leena Sequeira by placing shawl on the shoulders of Peter raphael Aranha,  garlanding both of them and offering fruits and a memento. Thereafter, members of the Management Committee, heads of other institutions, teachers and student representatives offered flowers to Peter Raphael Aranha wishing him a happy retired life.


In his reply to the felicitation, Peter Rapahel Aranha briefly narrated his journey as a teacher and headmaster for the last 37 years and thanked all those who had been responsible for his success, especially the President and Secretary of the Catholic Board of Education, all the Correspondents, office bearers of the Parish Pastoral Council and the members of the Management Committee.


In his message, Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes recalled the long service of Peter Raphael Aranha and appreciated his contribution as the Headmaster of the School for such a long time. He wished him good health, peace and happiness in his  retired life.


Alphonse K. Alva, Vice President of the Parish pastoral Council proposed the vote of thanks. Niriksha, the sixth standard student compeered the programme very well.


Following the end of the farewell function, all the students were treated to sweets sponsored by Peter Raphael Aranha.



Comments on this Article
Benedict Noronha, Udupi Thu, October-19-2017, 8:36

This is a masterpiece by Dr Eugene D Souza about a teacher who left suddenly from amongst us. it is historic statement that" The evil men do lives after them and the good is often interned with the bones". Ceasar was a king, killed by his own friends and then Mark Antony in Shakespeare s pla,y says this. it is a fitting epitome to dear teacher Peter Raphael Arana for whom we bid farewell. His sad note during the last few months of retirement was unfair and difficult to be forgotten. Yet the crowed present at his last journey was an indication how bad a person he was. His enemies also must envy. Praise the Lord. to add to this this piece of recollections are indeed great and of noble sentiments, I feel and I say it with stress. May His soul Rest in peace and it will be cause God had forgiven him his sins, as the events prove and he has joined the souls in eternity.

Joseph Mathias, Moodubelle Sat, February-2-2013, 10:10
Wishing you happy peaceful healthy retired life.Keep yourself busy and do some social work and help the poor and needy. I am your classmate and I remember the olden days
janet castelino, moodubelle/kwait Sun, November-4-2012, 7:04
Dear Raphael Sir wishing you,Peaceful happy retired life.We are your old students always remember you in our prayers
Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain Sun, November-4-2012, 2:57
Having learned of the retirement of Mr. Raphael Aranha from Church Aided Higher Primary School I wish to add my best wishes to the former winner of the National Award for Best Teacher. In addition to being one of the better known and most popular personalities from Moodubelle, Mr. Aranha excelled in all fields, be it as a student, teacher, head master, youth leader and sportsman. I wish him all the best, good health, long life and happiness.
Brian D souza, Moodubelle/Mumbai Sun, November-4-2012, 1:59
Dear Raphael Uncle, Im proud that you are my God Father, I have seen the hard work and dedication you have put into doing the great work of bringing up the School...You are a Role model for all of us! May God keep blessing you always with Good Health, Peace and Prosperity....We Love you!!!
Mario Mathias, Shirva/Mumbai Sun, November-4-2012, 12:19
I appreciate your long faithful, dedicated 37 years of service and take this opportunity to wish you a "Very Happy, Peaceful and Healthy Retired Life"
Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai Sat, November-3-2012, 5:34
A teacher's contribution in the formative period of his student is appreciated only when the student leaves the school and faces the life's reality in the world. A teacher is loved and his contribution in the educational field is appreciated more only after he retires. The sentiments expressed here are from a tiny minority of his students who got an opportunity to express and there will be many many more (or should I say rest of Raphael s students)who cannot or do not want to express them openly. As you grow old you will realise that even a punishment meted out by your teacher was a "lesson" in the right direction! Raphael have a peaceful retired life which you richly deserve.
alwyn, moodubelle Sat, November-3-2012, 5:32
Dear sir for me ur not retired, Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can't retire his experience. He must use it. this just a new begining thanks alot and wish u all the best in your next stage of life and achivements.
Anil Studio, Moodubelle Sat, November-3-2012, 5:30
Dear Raphael Master, wish you happy, peaceful retired life.
Ranjan A Shetty, Nellikatte/Moodubelle Sat, November-3-2012, 5:10
Respected Sir,I wish you a happy and peaceful retirement life.I also wish all the best to the new incumbent Mr.Sylvester Sir.
Zita, Moodubelle, New Delhi. Sat, November-3-2012, 5:02
Dear Sir, remembering child hood days, you were one of my favourite teacher, and very kind, down to earth person I ve have ever seen..May all your wishes come true Sir. Have a wonderful retired life :)
severine dsouza, Moodubelle/u.k Sat, November-3-2012, 3:22
Dear Raphael sir, wish you a peaceful, healthy retired life. I have seen you almost daily as i grew up and i have learnt alot from you. You helped us many times in our difficult times. I take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done to me and my family.
Melwyn Castelino, Boliye/Mumbai Sat, November-3-2012, 1:37
Dear Raphael Master,As Precilla Q said even i still remember the first day you came to our 3B class in 1975 after the retirement of Late Lawrence master. I was just 9 and still remember all your stories.After 37 years of dedicated long service to our primary school and society is much appreciated and remembered.Sir i along with my family wish you a peaceful, healthy retired life.
Sadananda moolya, Pamboor Sat, November-3-2012, 12:38
Dear Raphael master you taught me in 6th 7th standered.I remember that year 1983-1984.You are my best friendly teacher.I wish you happy peaceful retired life god bless you thank you.
Praveen castelino, moodubelle/mangalore Fri, November-2-2012, 10:07
Dear Rafhael Sir,i wish you happy,peaceful and good health in your retired life.
Bllean, Belle Fri, November-2-2012, 7:26
One of the best teacher and person i have ever met in my life.. By looking at him i have learnt many principles.. So best of luck Sir in ur future life..
helen dsouza, moodubelle Fri, November-2-2012, 7:15
Dear Raphael sir, your dedication as a Headmaster is really appreciable.All you support and encouragement to the students made them to be successful in their life today.Till now all the batches came out with flying colors.Wish you good luck in your retired life....
Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore Fri, November-2-2012, 6:11
37 years of service in a school is itself a big achievement. Thank you for your valuable 37 years of service as a Teacher/Headmaster. Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy, Joyful and Peaceful Retired Life...
Boniface D Souza, Moodubelle/Bangalore Fri, November-2-2012, 5:05
Dear Raphael Master,I wish you a happy and peaceful retirement life.I also wish all the best to the new incumbent Mr.Sylvester Mathias.
Alban D souza, Kunthal Nagar/Moodubelle Fri, November-2-2012, 3:43
Raphael Master is a very good teacher,he thought us discipline,I am thankful to him and wish him happy life and pray god for good health and good retired life..
edward saldhana, moodubelle sharjah Fri, November-2-2012, 1:18
dear raphal master wish you happy peaceful retiered life good and successful life
Roshan DSouza, Kunatalnagar / Bangalore Thu, November-1-2012, 11:55
Raphael master was my first volleyball coach when I started playing in 4th standard. I still remember the Madu that he taught me... I have taken the game a long way.... thank you sir for all the support.... wish you luck for your retired life...
Louis Alva, Kattingeri / Dubai Thu, November-1-2012, 1:45
Thank you Raphael master for your 37 years of valuable service to belle primary school. Wishing you a happy retired life with good health and happiness to your rest of life with your loved once.
Prakash Alva, Moodubelle/Pangala Thu, November-1-2012, 1:01
Dear Raphael Sir wish you good health and happiness in your retired life.
John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/Nottingham U.K Thu, November-1-2012, 11:48
Raphael master you are great teacher. very strict though but you have teach us good discipline in our life. we cant forget that.During your 37 years of teaching experience and awarded best teacher,we salute you.when we retire any profession we feel very sad, but i wish you a happy life.
Precilla Menezes, Belle,Jerusalem Thu, November-1-2012, 8:37
Dear sir,Wish you happy healthey,peaceful retired life.
Shyaril Sequeira, Ras Al Khaimah Thu, November-1-2012, 2:40
Dear Raphael Master, wish you happy, peaceful retired life.
Ronald casmir dsouza, Arbi, moodubelle Thu, November-1-2012, 2:34
Dear Raphael Master, wish you happy, peaceful retired life.
LUCY D SOUZA, KATTINGERI/MUMBAI Thu, November-1-2012, 2:11
Wishing you happy healthy and peaceful retired life.
Quadras Precilla, Belle/Mumbai Thu, November-1-2012, 1:57
Dear Raphael Master, When you first joined and came to our class, I still remember you were so young and active, our full class was enjoying your songs and stories. You are precious gift to our school and our St. Lawrence church. I enjoyed plenty of your dramas (tulu Kannada, you have given selfless service to our parish specially to the youth. I wish you a very happy retired life and good health happiness.
simon.castelino, belle [kalmady ] jeddah Thu, November-1-2012, 1:20
Dear guru Raphael master wish u happy peaceful retired life, you are great.
Fr Denis Castelino, vianney Home Thu, November-1-2012, 1:15
Dear Raphael Wish you a peaceful, healthy and at the time active retired life. A man of your caliber can serve the community at different and new areas. Now since you are more free do make use of every opportunity. You are really a great hm who succeeded former hms Mr. Edward D'Sa and Mr.Benedict Barboza who, though not awarded Rastrapati award or any other title, did make history at Belle school. I wish Mr Sylvester Mathias, your successor who happens to be grandson of my grandmother's sister will carry on the torch efficiently. Fr Densis Castelino (Ex-student) Vianney Home Thursday, November 01, 2012
Valerian Alva, Kattingeri / Dubai Thu, November-1-2012, 12:11
Dear Raphael Master, you are the favorite teacher of me and many others when we studied in Belle school. You have taught us discipline, good values and we all thank you from bottom of our heart. 37 years of service in a school is quite an achievement. We are lucky to have you as our teacher and we still remember those good old days where you used to ask us Tables (Maggi), conducting elocution competitions, conducting school parliament, gardening, sports events and inter school competitions. Hats off to you sir for your service to Moodubelle. Have happy retired life and Moodubelle needs your service in the years to come. Wishing you good health and happiness always. Happy to see other teachers Mrs.Leena as well as Mr.Sylvester Mathias, you all taught us during our childhood and made us worthy for todays competitive life. Thank you all of you.
HARISH, MARNE/ABU DHABI Wed, October-31-2012, 11:25
wish you all the best sir,have a peaceful and healthy retired are fav Rifele master whn i was in high is our pet name to him....
Sandeep D Souza, Moodubelle Wed, October-31-2012, 3:15
Dear Raphael Master, wish you happy, peaceful retired life.
Jerome D Sa, belle/dubai/bangalore Wed, October-31-2012, 10:15
Dear Raphael Sir, wish u all the best for ur retired life. Prayinb for your health. Admire your teaching ability.....i was ur studient in 7th. I loved every class of yours then.
Ronald Sabi, Udupi Wed, October-31-2012, 9:36
Wishing a good and successful retired life.
RAKESH REBELLO, UDUPI, MOODUBELLE Wed, October-31-2012, 9:17
Nice photos of retirement function of Mr. Raphael Aranha. But many of the photos show more sadness than happiness. It shows the love of people to Raphael Aranha. Everybody were crying when one of the great person retires from job. Long Live Master.
Stany D Souza, Moodubelle Wed, October-31-2012, 8:03
Dear Raphael Master, wish you happy, peaceful retired life.
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