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Prashant Nadkarni, GOA
19/01/2017 11:56:54

Want to loose weight around 20kg Iam 51years old present wt 80kg want to reduce to 60 kg.Pls sujest best options Thanks

Vijaya vas, Mangalore
18/01/2017 16:04:38

Congratulations sister Agnesia. We are very proud of you.

Maurice Menezes, Belle/Udupi
17/01/2017 13:24:57

Having well acquainted with late Monnu Master, as my teacher,and also Archbishop Albert,my classmate at Belle,I seize this opportunity to congratulate Fr Edwin and all family members on his Golden Jubilee of Ordination with prayers for joy happiness and success in his mission.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
16/01/2017 16:37:21

Congratulations to all behind this drive. Hope cleaned area will not be littered again shortly.

Stephen, Belle/Kuwait
16/01/2017 01:26:03

Great Hospitality by Fr.Lawrence ICYM Team,Belle

Dr Anitha K, Bangalore
14/01/2017 22:20:01

RIP , we miss you a lot . May god give enough strength to bear the loss . Loads of love , hugs to Judy Maami , Wilson Winson And Edwin

Ivan, Moodubelle
14/01/2017 11:54:44

Heartfelt condolences to the family members. May his soul rest in peace Amen.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
14/01/2017 09:39:06

Heartfelt condolences to the family members. May the departed soul of Elias rest in eternal peace

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/Nottingham UK
13/01/2017 22:00:09

Dear Judith Bai, Wilson, Winson n Edwin, Kindly accept our sincere heartfelt condolences. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

AnthonyMathias, Kuthyar Shirva Orlem
13/01/2017 20:51:02

Our heartfelt condolences to the entire family. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Louis Alva, Kattingeri / Dubai
13/01/2017 20:35:42

Very sad to hear this news. May the Lord give his family courage and strength to bear this great loss. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Hari Padmanabhan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
12/01/2017 09:39:31

My question is this: Now that India is a free, independent country, and Goa having been liberated from Portuguese rule, why don t the Goan Catholic Brahmins and Konkani-speaking Catholics and other forcibly-converted Hindus return to the religion of their ancestors? Your ancestors suffered agony and torture and were converted through force by the Portuguese. I and many others feel sorrow, deep sorrow for you wonderful people. But now all of you can return to the spiritual traditions followed by your noble ancestors. Why don t you?

Anthony Mathias, Kuthyar Shirva Orlem
11/01/2017 20:21:37

Our heartfelt condolences to the entire family. May her soul rest in peace. Amen

Therese dalmeida, Moodubelle
10/01/2017 20:17:27

Congratulations Vincy and to all the newly elected Committee members. Since you are young, dynamic, and Energetic I am sure you will get some changes in the parish activities. Good luck.....

10/01/2017 11:20:01


10/01/2017 10:28:50

Being a neighbor and colleague nfor two year at St. Lawrence High school, I know Mr. Padhbanabha very well. He is very simple, humble and was always a good guide to me. He is a jewel in crown of guduthottu which has always given good personalities in all fields of society. I have closely seen his art work and love for Yakshagana. As of I remember one art/painting which is in his kitty of one young girl is missing from display which was so awesome. I remember that art very well. Wish you long life hope I will meet you soon when I will be in guduthottu.

Anner belle, Belle
08/01/2017 22:47:16

Congratulations vincy. Hope our church will reach new heights in your term. Keep in mind that You have to be all the time in parishioners side and serve for parishioners. We have faith with you and have strong feelings that you will kick out the old mentality.

Stephen, Belle/kuwait
08/01/2017 18:14:05

All the very best to young energetic Vice President Vincy and committe members.

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/Nottingham UK
08/01/2017 17:50:52

Congratulations Vincy and all the new elected committee members.All the best for the future endeavours.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
08/01/2017 14:31:51

Congratulation to New Parish Pastoral Council members and vice President. May God empower you to deliver the best during your tenure.

Ramyashree, mudipu ,Balepuni
06/01/2017 12:14:27

bari Yeddenthina Kelasa. musth Vishaya gottand. nana kananthoor ullalthi Daivada charithren update malpule.

AnthonyMathias, Kuthyar Shirva Orlem
05/01/2017 20:29:54

Happy Birthday Sir God Bless you

AnthonyMathias, Kuthyar Shirva Orlem
05/01/2017 20:26:27

Congratulation madam Grace Pinto.

Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Andheri
05/01/2017 08:20:49

Thanks a lot for the nice report and pics.

Francis, Moodubelle, Mumbai
04/01/2017 13:26:44

Thanks for the beautiful report. Nicely organized event. Hats off to parish priest for managing good lighting effect.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
04/01/2017 13:21:00

Wow! As good as being there in real time. Congratulations to Dr. Eugene Alphonse as well for uploading the news and pictures before parishioners could reach home. Happy to see full church. Happy feat to all!

Benedict Dsouza, Mumbai
29/12/2016 21:29:55

Dear Joy, Moodubelle be happy with what we got. Yes playing badminton indoors will be great but is it not good to have a badminton court instead of having nothing. Do you suggest to build a indoor court by spending another 15 - 20 lakh rupees. In a situation like Belle where our youth and children are deprived of sporting facilities, let us appreciate what our church has provided. Is it not a first step in right direction.

Valerian Alva, Kattingeri
29/12/2016 21:18:03

Thanks Fr.Clement Mascarenhas for the badminton courts. Keep our youth engaged and let them be near the church instead of roaming around in the streets. Our children and youth will be active and busy which will help their overall growth. Good initiative and we are hopeful you will take up more developmental works in the future

manju, Cranbourne North
29/12/2016 16:12:26

looking forward to it

Stephen, Belle/Kuwait
29/12/2016 03:47:23

Special thanks to Fr.Clement,Fr.Denis Fr.Lawrence. You are giving a full support and encouragement to youth for their needs.I am sure youth are very strong in our parish(ICYM). Its already proved on Mission Sunday Arrangements.

Joy, Moodubelle
29/12/2016 03:29:46

Good to see the initiative.. But badminton is supposed to be played indoor and not in the outdoor when there is wind. One more project in Moodubelle which will go in drain in the future..

Harry Martis, Moodubelle
28/12/2016 22:38:12

Rest in Peace
Deepest condolences to Hilda, Eliza,Rosy,Judith,Juliana, Philomena,Eugine Prakash

Helen Martis Family

Anil fernandes., Kattingary kuduru/shirva
28/12/2016 17:04:29

May her soul rest in peace.Heartfelt condolences to family members.

28/12/2016 16:09:48

I appreciate that the Bunts Sangha Mumbai took some initiatives to gather all the bunts children, teens, youths and elders in one place for sport meet to extract talents in them. This type of sports meets really inspires bunts younger generation to participate most probably make them competitive to face the world. It is an opportunity for bunts children to know each other with in the community. Let there be regular sports training programmes for bunts children. Thank you bunts sangha Mumbai, all the best.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
28/12/2016 15:00:25

Fantastic news for the Moodubelle badminton enthusiasts, Hats off to everyone who has supported these facilities. Inviting former renowned International badminton player Vijay Lancy Mascarenhas will definitely inspire the young talents in Moodubelle. If there is any tournament coming up in the near future in Moodubelle, I will be a participant especially in the senior category.

27/12/2016 17:29:18

May her soul rest in peace.

Marcel Alva, Belle, Canada
26/12/2016 07:06:01

Dear Fr. Edwin Congratulations. May your life be filled with abundant joy and heaven’s peace.

Marcel Alva, Belle, Canada
26/12/2016 07:04:55

Dear Fr. Edwin Congratulations. May your life be filled with abundant joy and heaven’s peace.

sunil, Waterloo canada
25/12/2016 21:22:49

pl end me yur phone number i want talk to bernard bheiya sunil frm canada merry crismax

Ivan Fernandes, Mumbai
25/12/2016 13:41:28

Congratulations to St. Paul s Catholic Association on its 74th Celebrations. Thanks to Richard D Souza Hon. Secretary, for his dedicated service to this Association for the last 28 years and because of this thousands of members benefited from this Association and settle down in life.

Vinayaka, Bengaluru
24/12/2016 21:58:19

I feel Udupi district must be renamed as Uttara Tulunadu and Dakshina Kannada district must be renamed as Dakshina Tulunadu. So that Tulunadu is recognized as Tulunadu.

Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Andheri
24/12/2016 08:24:52

Congratulations Fr. Edwin. Glad to see my classmate Rev. Sr.Eugene. Thank you for the beautiful pics.

Fredie Castelino, Moodubelle/Bandra
23/12/2016 13:48:07

Heartiest congratulation to Fr. Edwin having completed 50 years in church vinyard. May the good Lord bless and keep you in good health to serve the people in their spiritual needs

Akshay Bhandari, Dahisar- Mangalore
21/12/2016 13:11:41

It seems that Konkan railways doesnt want people to travel via train. The announcment of such train is a joke. Two points: 1. The train is running around 19- 20 hrs and the usual train is running for 14-15 hrs to reach Mangalore from Mumbao. 2. It is a special fare train. Which means pay more and the time taken to reach Managalore is also more. Konkan railwys requires a proper planning agency. Regards Akshay

poorvi, kumta
20/12/2016 16:22:06

I want to stay at Pareeka atleast for 15 days and I want to reduce my weight...Please suggest some pacakage programmes in the month of jan....pllzzplzz plzz inform me plzz

Mamta santhosh, mangalore
17/12/2016 17:13:29

respected sir can you please tell us the procedure to apply for ACCA course. when do we apply for the acadamic year 2017

Ivan Fernades, MUMBAI
14/12/2016 22:50:27

Congrats to St. Paul s Catholic Association on its 74th celebrations.I am a member of this Association. Thanks to Hon. Secretary Richard D Souza and other Office Bearers for their selfless service to this Association.

AnthonyMathias, Kuthyar Shirva Orlem
12/12/2016 20:11:57

Our heartfelt condolences to the entire family. May his soul rest in peace.

12/12/2016 14:15:50

First catch the bank OFFICERS Manager from the numbers of New Notes that came from RBI.

sudhir, kundapur
12/12/2016 13:48:37

mind blooming function and inspiring personality of that guests

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